Starting at $1800 – $6000

These type of videos usually describes the companies product and services. It usually includes interviews with the companies personnel and customer testimonies as well as location and product shots among others. The price range would depend on the length of the video and the amount of time spent on the set. These videos include lighting, audio, and camera equipment.

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Starting at $2,500 – $25,000
Usually between 1 min and 2 min.
For these projects, we want to really understand your brand, do the research, brainstorm ideas, write a script, and develop a concept. These projects are more in line with traditional commercial production which includes pre-production, location scouting, hiring actors, art direction, hiring a crew, renting locations and equipment among others. Generally, for these type of videos, the clients ends up getting the main final video and sometimes, depending on the needs, short videos that can be distributed across multiple social channels, website, and e-commerce store.
These could also be much smaller projects for one specific product, in one location with no actors.




$1800 – $6000
Generally between $1800 – $6000 depending on the scope of the project.
These types of videos usually include voice-over, graphics design, illustration, and animation.
There are many types of animations, from 2D to 3D and motion graphics. These types of videos can be very technical and require certain expertise.



Events Starting $1500.
Events could vary from corporate events, conferences to engagements parties among others.
The cost would depend on the scope of the event, location, and crew size needed to cover the whole event. Some events could be covered by one person and some require a team of a few cameras man and other specialties.




Livestream $1200 – $1800
Some events require one stationary camera and some also require moving cameras for more coverage, different angles, close-ups, reactions, and more. Livestream includes professional audio set-ups.

Videos can be streamed through Youtube, Zoom or your platform.

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